Sneak Peeks


BLACK ROSES: Also Coming in 2017


Sneak Peek:

“Ambulance, now!” Liz Jacobs screeched the words into her cell phone’s receiver then rattled off the Barrington, Rhode Island address to the operator. “Now! Right now! Hurry! My husband, he’s on the ground! He won’t move! He won’t move!”

On shaking knees next to his form, she shook Rick’s large arm.

No movement.

“Come on, Rick! Come on! Get up!”

“Ma’am?” the operator commanded, urgent in tone. “I have your address. An ambulance has been alerted. Tell me what’s happening.”

“Okay,” Liz managed. “I can do that. I can do that.”

“Good,” the operator encouraged. “Now, what’s going on? Is he breathing?”

Watching Rick’s flaccid body, Liz shook her head.

Her panicked inhales sped up.

How could this have happened?

They’d left their granddaughter’s birthday party not even two hours ago.

And fought from the car to the front door.

No shock there.

They always did.

These days, it took little to set a feud in motion.


The operator again.

“I’m sorry,” Liz said as she leaned closer to his body to listen for any breaths.

Thin puffs greeted her ears.

“Barely,” she told him. “His breaths are very shallow.”

“Okay. An ambulance is on its way to you. Stay with him and on the line with me until they get there, all right?”

“Yes, I will. Thank you.”

Liz took Rick’s hand in hers. Tightening her grip on his fingers, her mind reached back to the night’s previous minutes.

The nowadays all-too-common fight.

Constant squabbles concerned money, though Rick’s self-founded tech corporation ensured their wealth.

Other conflicts surrounded his and his ex Nicole’s children; the adults who never experienced true maturity.

Always with their hands fixed on his wallet.

And then there lay the bimbo Nicole, centered in about every dispute the couple suffered during their ten-year marriage.

But this one…

How did we get here? 


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