In addition to Hollow Fissure, expect two more shorts this year. One is entitled “BloodShot.” I’m brainstorming!


Be on the lookout for a revamped Black Cradle, the prequel to the Warren-Bennett-Johnson/New England series. If all goes according to plan, you should be seeing it this year! Check out the synopsis below:



From a massive yacht’s bow, the ocean’s deep waters call…
Jennifer Warren answers with a thrust of her bruised legs, one by one, over the metal bars to freedom.
The thick hand in her hair yanks her back to hell…

Despite the glowing reputation of the businessman who constantly visits the department, provides his fortune to fundraisers and charities, and displays a loving concern for the well-being of his wife and children, Newport Rhode Island Detective Stephen Bennett trusts his gut. And the word of the man’s new neighbors…The man is a killer…
*This is the full story of the August to Life (Book 1) prelude and a prequel to the Warren-Bennett-Johnson/New England series*


Also be on the look out for BlackRoses, Book 5, in the Warren-Bennett-Johnson Series



Loving affection and hard-earned wealth define the tight-knit Jacobs clan.
Though the members of the vast expanse of a family reside all across the world, patriarch and engineer Rick Jacobs and his wife, Liz, see to it—through parties, celebrations, and Sunday dinners at their Barrington home—that everyone stays linked.
One night, all is shattered when Rick, following his granddaughter’s birthday party, dies unexpectedly…

Miles away, in a Providence precinct, Detective Stephen Bennett sits at his paper and file-covered desk, having not slept a full night in months.
His mind runs wild with images and information; each piece too detailed, too graphic, too close.
But when a member of the Jacobs family begs Bennett to find the truth behind Rick’s sudden demise, the detective finds himself thrust beneath skeletons, scandal, and deceit; digging for his life…

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