Black Roses (on Wattpad)

Love, affection, and affluence define the seemingly close-knit Adler clan.
Though the family members reside in New England and beyond, patriarch and successful engineer Rick Adler, with his devoted wife, Kat, see to it-through lavish parties, fun festivities, and hearty Sunday dinners at their Barrington, Rhode Island home-that everyone stays linked and in touch with one another.
One night, all of their happiness is shattered when Rick Adler dies unexpectedly…
Miles away in Providence, after closing yet another difficult case, the lives of Detectives Stephen Bennett and Porscha Councill have begun to settle, though life-altering changes are at the helm. Bennett and his wife, Jen, are expecting a new addition and their daughter’s return while Councill mulls over some new developments and possibilities of her own.
Everything is put on hold when Wayne Jacobs, Rick’s half-brother, accuses the widowed Kat of murder and personally asks Bennett to get to the truth behind his brother’s demise. Soon, Bennett and Councill find themselves thrust beneath skeletons and scandal as more bodies begin to turn up.

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